Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Sablés chocolat et fleur de sel

Another ingredient which I've had difficulty tracking down in the big smoke is "fleur de sel" - not great especially when you are a salt caramel fiend like myself!!! ;)

Needless to say, I armed myself with a jar on my trip to Paris which this week, has stoked up a craving for some of PH's sablés chocolat et fleur de sel. These are usually made in the shop on the afternoon shift and unfortunately, I never got the chance to make these from scratch. Fortunately, the mini fortune I spent on PH10 is finally paying dividends since the recipe for the sablés were in the book :)

They were pretty easy to make but I am having problems getting them to exactly the right shape as those in the shop.....still, they still taste pretty darn good and and I no longer have to shell out 14 yoyos for a paltry few when I now have a biscuit tin-ful to dig in to, miam, miam :)