Monday, 29 December 2008

Christmas 2008

Another year, another Chrimbo. Its nice to be back at home and be able to spend some time with the family and friends.

The last week or so has involved a lot of cooking and eating (as is the habit at Christmas) and the highlights for me were Mum's velvety butternut squash soup, delicious roast rib of beef cooked by my bro and mince pies made by yours truly (the best looking and tasting I've made to date). I wish I had the time to do more baking but alas, it hasn't happened - I shouldn't fret though as I think this will be the last thing I complain about in 2009!

Unfortunately, I didn't manage to take pics of the soup or beef, only of the mince pies plus a fruit cake which Mum made and I iced. It was the first time that I had decorated a proper cake and use the skills that I had learnt from Squires during the summer. Not bad for a first time, I thought but I will definitely require more practice! Fingers crossed also that this time next year, I will posting pictures of more professional looking cakes and goodies! :-) 

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Nora said...

The cake is beautiful!