Sunday, 24 May 2009

Gateaux de voyage

Short week this week, with just 3 days in the lab. This week was all about making gateaux de voyage, pound cake in other words. They are called gateaux de voyage here in France as they're the type which doesn't require refrigeration and travels well, hence the voyage bit. All the cakes were pretty straightforward to make, generally beginning with creaming some butter with sugar, lashing in some eggs into the mixer and finally, a bit of flour to bind the whole thing together. In the meantime, you can make different variations of cake depending on what flavouring, fruit, nuts, booze combo you fancy throwing in at the same time. Making gateaux de voyage and having fewer bods in the lab this week definitely meant a much more relaxing environment than normal, having 10 back in the lab next week will be a shock to the system :)

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