Thursday, 29 April 2010

Bocca di Lupo

A blissful 3 consecutive days off for both me and JD meant a few days of tasting some nice food :)

Having read a few good reviews, JD had been wanting to take me to try Bocca di Lupo for a while but I have resisted until now partly because the last time I walked past the restaurant, I didn't find the menu particularly interesting. We had originally planned to visit it on one of our special monthly dinners but since we were in town on a weekday, we decided to chance our luck and pop in for a late lunch. The restaurant itself is located on a dodgy enough looking street in Soho but once inside, it is pretty chic with a bar area at the front facing onto an open kitchen. We sat towards the back where there is a smaller more conventional dining room (very impressed by the lighting!!)

The food did not disappoint (for the most part) and we were also surprised to find that desserts were one of the highlights of the meal which is so rare in restaurants normally. It did not come cheap (Starters, mains, 1 side, desserts and coffee for 2 with 2 soft drinks and no vino came close to 90 squid!) - nice for a special occasion and definitely worth it for the quality of food :)
Bread and olives to start - very yummy caramelised onion foccacia and the gigantic green olives taste great (JD is not a fan of olives so all the more for me!)

Wild boar prosciutto with raw broad beans and pecorino - very simple but it all worked very well together

Suppli (fried risotto rice ball) - one of the yummiest we have ever had and deep fried artichoke - have always been curious about this Roman speciality but not sure if I can fully appreciate it!

Roast suckling pig with potatoes and wild garlic - loved this dish, lots of flavour and tender pork with crispy crackling, yum! :)

Ravioli stuffed with braising beef and brains - not the most memorable and probably topped with too much Parmesan

Side dish of caponata - aubergine cooked with tomatoes, celery and anchovies with a sweet sour sauce, very moreish

DIY cannoli - simple but oh so good

Brioche ice cream sandwich - brioche was a slight let down but the ice creams were the best I have tasted in London, a trio of chestnut, hazelnut and pistachio

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