Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Dessert takeaway - Gails

I was in the mood for some midweek dessert so decided to pop into Gails to pick up some cake after work. Its a good job that the cakes taste pretty good as service in the shop was pretty atrocious. I must've been left standing for around 5 minutes whilst another customer was being served - that was fine, but to have to actively ask for help once that customer had been served when the assistant must have clearly seen me waiting by the cakes was a bit much. The icing on the cake came when I asked her what flavour the cheesecake was (the label said "cheesecake") and she said to me with a straight face......."cheese"? 

Despite all of this, I persevered and came away with a chocolate tart and a slice of "cheese" cheesecake. As I said, the cakes were nice but it might be a while before I return for repeat business.
 Packaging is nice :)

 Chocolate tart - well presented but the garnishes were not very appetising taste-wise

  A lesson in how to describe cheesecake, which do you prefer? - baked cheesecake with a hint of vanilla and topped with a white chocolate glaze or...... cheese?

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