Wednesday, 3 February 2010

All good

Week 2 of new job and so far, so good :)

First of all, I reverted back to what is supposed to my normal schedule....working mornings Monday through to Wednesday and then doubles on Thursday and Friday. Of course, the hours are still long but at least I get a decent night's sleep at the beginning of the week which gives me some chance of getting through the 2 doubles at the end of the week :)

Obviously, everything is still very new to me but am slowly finding my way around the kitchen and getting into more of a routine with things. The demi chef de partie who I was shadowing last week was on holiday this week, which meant I was left to my own devices on Thursday and Friday night service....more than a little daunting. Luckily, the pastry chef did not leave me on my own but most of the responsibility was still left to me for setting up the open kitchen and making sure that we had everything for service. Luckily, the demi chef de partie taught me well and I managed to get around 80% of things right. Service was a bit hairy on Thursday but not bad on Friday and I even got a bit of an adrenaline rush from it!! Made souffles for the first time on Friday night (albeit with the pastry chef's supervision) and they turned out to be the dessert choice of the night, char! The icing on the cake for the night was getting compliments from the pastry chef for a good service, as well as compliment from a guest on a lovely souffle so a big pat on the back to myself :)

We are desperately short-staffed in pastry at the moment which has meant that my schedule for February has gone a bit pear-shaped to make sure that we have enough resources. So far, on my 3rd week, I have worked a double and had 2 days off. Starting tomorrow, I will be working 3 doubles straight and I am secretly praying that I will be able to get through it!! Fingers crossed!!

Apologies but still not pics of the desserts served in my section, I never have enough time to take a quick pic before service but here are some more of the desserts on offer on the ground floor :)
Le Marron: chestnut cream and ice cream, apple and pear compote, caramelised pecans and meringue crunchies

Paris Brest

Les tartes: (from left to right) lemon, praline rose, cinammon, chocolate caramel, apple curry. 

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