Sunday, 24 January 2010

New job, version 2

This week, I started my 2nd new job in 2010......I wasn't expecting to be swapping jobs so soon but c'est la vie! Needless to say, I was more than a little nervous coming to work on Monday but fortunately, the week passed without much "controversy".

I am now working at yet another French resto, this time in central London and in the heart of Theatreland, boasting 2-Michelin stars (so moving up in the world!!). There are 2 restaurants in the same building, the ground floor resto is an informal dining experience with the emphasis on tapas-style dishes, whilst the 1st floor resto is a more traditional table service resto. Both floors have open kitchens which means guests can see their food being cooked in front of them (there is only an open kitchen for desserts on the 1st floor, guests can look down into the basement to see the pastry/desserts being prepared for the resto on the ground floor). The resto also has a bar on the 3rd floor which has started serving afternoon tea from this week onwards so some other interesting work for us to undertake.

I spent my first week shadowing the demi-chef de partie in the 1st floor resto as this is where I will be working and doing the required mise-en-place for those desserts. A lot to take in and remember but it was interesting and all the people which I have worked to date have been nothing but helpful and friendly :)

The demi-chef de partie went on holiday on Friday which meant that I was left to prep for service on my own on Friday evening - a little daunting but luckily, I had the chef de partie from ground floor resto to help with mise-en-place and then later, the pastry chef helped me with service.

It has been pretty tiring as we do not finish earlier than 1am every night, the double shifts were especially challenging at the end of the week but I think its a matter of getting used to the hours :)

Unfortunately, I have not had the opportunity to take many photos during work but I managed to sneak one on my mobile phone of a dessert from the ground floor resto  - I think it is called "Le Citron" and consists of a yellow-coloured white chocolate sphere with lemon sorbet, cream and raspberry jelly inside. I haven't had the chance to taste it but it does look pretty impressive!! The desserts here do have that wow factor so am very excited about working here and mastering the skills required for everything! :)

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