Friday, 22 October 2010

Chain dining: Cote and Jamies Italian

As usual, Friday night malaise set in as soon as work was finished so we headed out to Cote for a spot of early dinner grub. The place was already half full when we arrived and it was only 7pm!!. Luckily, we managed to bag a table in the basement (our branch is particularly spacious) and had a pretty decent meal, as well as lovely service - yes, I am still fuming over my experience at Michael Nadra.....
Deep fried breaded calamari - nice and tender but lacked seasoning.

 Sirloin with frites and bernaise sauce - meat was a little on the dry side, nice chips. (JD's rump of lamb was a superior dish but not a large portion)

Apple tart - top could've been a bit more caramelised with a blowtorch - a very delish scoop of vanilla ice cream though :)

We also enjoyed another early dinner at Jamie's Italian on Saturday after a wander around Westfield - another enjoyable dinner, coupled with agreeable hard can it be??

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