Saturday, 9 October 2010

New favourite Korean - Koba

Having read about Koba in various blogs, JD and I decided to head there for a spot of dinner after an afternoon of shopping in town. We had booked for 7pm but upon arrival, the place was already filling up pretty swiftly.

I have to concur with the general blogosphere that Koba is pretty good - their BBQ is far superior to our perennial favourite, Nara. The bibimbap was also very tasty but still no challenge to Nara size-wise. Definitely will be heading back again some time and will probably load up on the tasty galbi in terms of BBQ!
All tables have light/fan combo which makes for less "smelly" dining experience :)

Modum namul

Kimchee and seafood pancake - very tasty and full of ingredients!

Mandoo - meat dumplings. I was a fan but JD was not, he didn't fancy the chives inside - I personally think they they were leeks!

We opted for the Koba BBQ special which meant we got a bit of everything: rib eye, beef ribs, pork belly, chicken, prawns and baby octopus. My fav was the beef ribs and I had the added bonus of gnawing on the giant bone too! ;)

bibimbap - yum!

Dessert - chestnut, red bean and green tea ice cream 

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