Sunday, 26 December 2010

Chrimbo baking - lemon meringue tart

Since I'm supposed to be officially resting the ol' arm, I haven't been able to bake much :(

However, at the request of Ma Chan, I did manage to rustle up a lemon meringue tart over the festive period, which we brought over to some family friends to try. Again, this was the first time I had tried this recipe since finishing school so I wasn't sure how long to bake the tart for (merci chef for the lack of cooking times, char!!)

Since I hadn't blind baked my shell in advance, I figured 30 minutes ought to do the trick. Unfortunately, things went a little pear-shaped around the 20 minute mark when I started smelling the tart in the kitchen, decided to take a look and the top of lemon curd had turned a dark shade of brown, aaagh!!! This was NOT supposed to happen, the curd should've stayed a nice pale lemon colour. Since the tart crust wasn't cooked yet, it was time to put a sheet of foil on top......and pray :)
The tart was fully cooked after another 20 minutes or so.....when I made it at school, it was decorated with a thick ring of Italian meringue on the outside. Since my curd was looking so unsightly, I covered the whole of this tart with meringue.

Luckily, the whole thing tasted pretty good but as usual, need to make notes to myself about cooking times, bon app! :)
 And off we go!!

 Most important to "fraser" :)

 We have some dough, yay!

 All going to plan.......until I forgot to grease my ring, char!!

 Take 2, ring is greased this time!!

 Ha!! Now you see crappy coloured lemon curd...... you don't! ;)

 yum yum :)

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