Saturday, 4 December 2010

East End adventure

I've been meaning to make a trip to Broadway Market in the East End for a while now but a combination of sleeping in on a Saturday morning plus baltic weather at the weekends has meant that it has been continuously postponed......until now :)
True to form, the weather still wasn't great on Saturday but I had contacted the person I wanted to meet in advance and she said that she would be at her stall at the weekend. She is the author of the blog Coco&Me (which I stumbled across through another blog which I regularly check) and is a self-taught baker who is a mother of 2 and sells handmade chocs and cakes at Broadway Market every Saturday. It was a bit of a trek for us to get there (bus, tube, train, foot) but am glad we went......despite the weather, it was a nice day out and interesting to explore another part of London town. T's stall is right bang in the middle of the market, near a French cheese stand; I was really happy when I found it and pretty impressed by what was on offer at her stall. We plumped for some of her individual tarts (1 choc, 1 lemon) and I also got my hands on one of her well-presented truffle boxes. When I finally plucked up the courage to introduce myself, the stall was a little busy but we had a quick chinwag and she suggested that I pop back later for a proper chat. 

T's stall also happens to be very near Buen Ayre - an Argentinian steakhouse which opened to rave reviews from the food critics a few years back. Since we were heading out for a nice dinner (more on that in my next post) in the evening, we thought we could pick a choripan to keep us ticking over. Pretty good but dare I say it, not as nice as the ones that JD instinctively knew to pick up at the Bombonera in BA :(
We have made a note to ourselves to definitely come back for dinner and try out the rather nice looking juicy steaks on offer :)
  Choripan with some sinful crispy fat fries with garlic and parsley

I popped back to chat with T which was really cool - I really admire her for just having the guts to go out and set up is something which I would consider doing but fear of failure and lack of self confidence usually take over my thoughts before I've even given myself a chance :(
Meeting T and reading her blog has definitely inspired me to take Monsieur Niau's advice once more......osez!! :)

(We finally tucked into T's tarts and chocs on Sunday - yummy!)

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