Sunday, 23 January 2011

Banana bread

Buoyed on by my Oreos success, I decided to have a bash at another recipe from Joanne Chang's new book, Flour. This week, I attempted her banana bread.....I had made banana bread before using a recipe which Ma Chan had given me many years ago. While it tasted very nice, I also remembered it going stale and hard very quickly so was hoping that Joanne's recipe might be an improvement on that. I was surprised to see that the only fat being used in the recipe was oil - I use oil at work for making carrot cake and had always assumed that butter makes the best cakes/pastry......mmmm?

As before, the recipe was very straightforward and after an hour or so in the oven, said banana bread was ready. Our flat also had that lovely aroma of fresh baking wafting around so JD and I were eager to try the bread out. I got my grubby mits on the first slice when the bread was still slightly warm and it was really yummy. JD concurred and between the two of us, we managed to scoff half the loaf in one sitting!! ;)
 Mmmm, not exactly a carbon copy but my loaf tin is slightly different in dimensions :)

No nuts but a few plump sultanas instead :)

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