Saturday, 1 January 2011

Experimenting in the kitchen - porcini risotto

During my brief trip back to the Emerald Isle, Ma Chan and I popped out for a post-Chrimbo shopping trip which included a visit into our local Lidl. Lidl is generally more known for pretty average groceries at cheap prices so imagine my surprise to find bags of yummy looking Italian dried porcini going for for 99 cents a pop!!

I armed myself with a couple of bags for the trip back down to the big smoke and my first foray in cooking with them was in the form of risotto. It all worked out pretty well but I failed to realise that I was cooking a tonne of the stuff!! (mmm..... so that's why so much stock was needed!!!) After a substantial dinner, the rest of the risotto has now been shaped into cakes and stashed away in the freezer for a potential weekend this space!! :)
 So many components!!

 Hmm....not bad for a first attempt! :)

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