Friday, 19 August 2011

PH in London

Can't believe its taken me over a year to visit the PH store here in London after its opening - in fairness, its not a part of town which I frequent often (in the heart of Knightsbridge, across the road from Louboutin) but I had that Friday feeling after work and decided to make the pilgrimage for some macarons :)

The shop is pretty small, more Bonaparte than Vaugirard and unfortunately, only stocks macarons, gateaux de voyage, chocolates and jams. I plumped for a dozen macarons and had a brief chat with the sales assistant to ask if they would sell any fours secs here - according to him, they are too fragile to transport here so I guess if I want any chocolat fleur de sel sables, I'm gonna have to make them myself :(
Not a vast selection but I think my favourites were lemon, rose and jasmine - word of warning, jasmine cannot be eaten after any strong flavours, otherwise you can't taste it!!

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