Friday, 7 October 2011

Buen Ayre

Following last month's anniversary dinner at Goodman City, JD and I continued our quest for the best steak resto in town. This month, we finally decided to make the trek out East to famed Argentinian steak resto, Buen Ayre.  

We had paid a lunchtime visit earlier in the year when we were visiting Broadway Market but this time, we arrived hungry and promptly ordered the parillada deluxe to share - yum!
 View from our table - pretty cosy, neighbourhood resto

Open parilla behind us - all fired up and ready for action! 

 My obligatory pre-dinner drink - when available! Quilmes - ¡Qué bueno!

 Bread and blue cheese butter - JD was a big fan of the latter.....and he doesn't even like blue cheese? Yep, its THAT good!

 Starters of various empanadas - having polished off one, we were then approached by one of the waiters who advised that in Argentina, one eats empanadas with one's hands, as opposed to knife and fork......when in BA, huh? ;)

 This was my attempt to get a pic of the chef, John Rattagan (an Argentinian of Irish descent) but just as I pressed my shutter, he disappeared right behind the waiter pictured, char!!! You can take a look at the Buen Ayre website to see what he looks like! :)

 Parillada deluxe of sirloin, ribeye, blood pudding, chorizo and provolone cheese 

 Sirloin - looks the business but sadly, was unexpectedly tough :(

Ribeye - this really hit the spot and is probably what I would order by itself on my next visit :)

 Dulce de leche pancakes - too stuffed so ordered 1 pud to share

A lovely meal and am sure that JD and I will be back to visit another time - ¡buen provecho! :)

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