Saturday, 1 October 2011

Extra hours in HK - Tonkichi and Zoë

Early Friday I receive a text from BA informing me that my flight back to Blighty had been delayed for 9 hours (am assuming that it was probably due to the typhoon blowing through the area). Later on in the day, I get a phonecall from the airline checking to see if I was "OK" with the delay - a weird question if there ever was one which prompted my response of, "well, do I have a choice here"? The upshot of it all meant that I had a few extra hours in HK so decided to hang out for an afternoon with my good friend D. 

We sneaked in a cheeky last minute lunch at Tonkichi - a resto in Causeway Bay specialising in tonkatsu. Great views of the harbour if you can bag one of the window seats plus some pretty good tonkatsu, ESP. the oysters!!! (am not even a fan usually!)
Funky dipping sauce for tonkatsu which involves grinding your sesame seeds before adding sauce!!

One of Ma Chan's friends recommended that I head to Zoë for their cakes since it was her favourite cakeshop in HK and any time she was in Causeway Bay, she would ALWAYS pop in for a treat. The shop is very bijoux with a small seating area done up like a French salon du thé. We waited a little while for a table and then shared 3 cakes between the 2 of us - Mango Cheesecake, Opéra and Zoë (cake tasting like a Kinder Bueno). The cakes were pretty small and pricey too, at over 30HKD a pop! Normally, I don't mind forking out if the product is good but am sad to say, the product was pretty (piss) poor! :(
 Opéra - mega-stodgy, lacked the finesse and lightness of the real thing. The flavour was a bit bland with a hint of bitterness and not in a good "coffee" kind of way. It tasted so bad that I stopped eating after a couple of mouthfuls.

 Mango cheesecake - nicely presented but tasted uneventful and non-unctuous, a shame for cheesecake

Signature cake, Zoë - cute but thats it

Despite my gross disappointment with the cakes at Zoë (have turned into an Über pastry snob now that I've trained and worked in the field), it was still lovely to hang out with my friend D - big hugs and see you very soon!! 

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