Saturday, 2 February 2013



I came across Ouzos through a re-tweet from a food writer who was a fan of the resto's blog ( I also found myself checking the blog whenever it had new entries and thought what was being written made a lot of sense, hence the decision to make the trek to the coast to try out the resto :)

We dropped in for dinner on Saturday night and first impressions were good. Service initially was friendly, warm and efficient. After our starters were served, everything went a little downhill. It definitely felt like the kitchen was in the weeds as it took an eternity for our main courses to arrive and at no point, did anyone approach out table to offer an apology for the wait. A shame as I had high hopes for the resto.....
Things got off to nice start - steamed pot of mussels with white, garlic and shallot (moules marinières, essentially). Mussels were fresh, plump and juicy :)

  Ouzos surf 'n'turf - the menu claims this is a legendary signature dish but there was nothing very special about it (bar the eternity it took to arrive!). To add insult to injury, my crab claws tasted more boiled than pan fried - if you are going to state the method of cooking on the menu, then at least cook it the right way!

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