Saturday, 27 April 2013

Bison BBQ

JD and I have always had a soft spot for American BBQ, so much so that we once drove all the way down to Brighton from London just to try out BBQ Shack - one of Jay Rayner's all time best restos in the UK! To be honest, I have no idea why he rates it so highly because its not a patch on our new discovery in town, Bison BBQ!!

Bison BBQ is located in Bison Bar on Wellington Quay, just on the edge of Temple Bar - not exactly the most attractive section of the quays but on the bright side, close to town :)
Orders for food and drinks are placed at the bar, then find a free space and wait for everything to arrive at your table (by the way, reservations are taken as well).

Our food arrived pretty quickly, everything was very tasty (meat and sides) and I was also amazed by the quality and taste of the meat used (not exactly very scientific here but meat tasting meaty rather than of nothing). Bison BBQ is far, far superior to BBQ Shack - would recommend any other BBQ aficionados to check it out :)
JD's order of pulled pork and pork ribs with burnt end beans and coleslaw

My "fatty" order of pork ribs and brisket with onion rings and potato salad :)
(Homemade BBQ and Mustard BBQ sauces available for free on the tables!) 

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