Monday, 20 July 2009

Mashite (まして)??

Week 3 and another week at the same shop doing "finition" - essentially more of the same but with the added "challenge" of tarte citron. Up until now, I haven't really complained about any of the tasks I've been told to do during my stage, no matter how menial they have been. However, my patience was being tested severely with this dastardly tarte.....umpteen anal steps and to top it all off, I don't even think it tastes or looks that nice!! The only consolation is that after doing it enough times, I managed to reduce my build time every day which was a nice feeling.

Even though we finish early practically every day at this shop, I have very little energy to do anything too taxing for the rest of my days sadly. My routine now consists of work, lunch, nap, downtime, dinner, phonecall to JD and bed. I've also rediscovered the joy of Japanese dramas (yep, almost 10 years after I saw my first one!) during mealtimes........have watched 3 (Good Luck, Beautiful Life, and One Million Stars Falling From The Sky) in the space of 2 weeks (scary! each usually runs for 10-11 episodes, each lasting around 1 hour), all of which star the king of dorama, Kimura Takuya (木村拓哉). Its funny, after all these years, I had forgotten that behind all the hype surrounding him, he's actually a pretty good actor......I was also reminded that he was probably the only person worth watching in that Wong Kar Wai stinker, 2046. The title of this post is in reference to the Japanese word that 木村拓哉 taught Beyonce when they were shooting a handbag (weird, I know but the guy was the spokesperson for ladies cosmetics brand, Kanebo a while back and the campaign was HUGELY successful!) ad together (mmmm.......stalkerish tendencies coming out here, he! he!) - I think its supposed to mean "still more"? Kinda what I was thinking on my last day of the week when faced with yet more tarte citron ;) 

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