Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Thank you to the cow! :)

Following a frantic and frankly, disorganised graduation ceremony at ESCF, I was able to spend a relaxing weekend in Paris with JD before heading off to my "stage". As usual, these weekends are a great excuse to sample a handful of restaurants in Paris and not worry about my ever-expanding belly (how many months? hehe!!)

Only managed to visit a couple of new places, a yummy Argentinian steak restaurant called Unico and a Basque bistro called Le Troquet, the latter with an established reputation for good food. At Unico, I had some great ceviche to kick things off, a wonderful piece of  steak cooked to perfection and a delicious dulce de leche fondant to end (which we decided to share but probably could've polished one off each!). Oh, and did I mention that they serve Quilmes beer - felt like I had been transported back to Argentina for the evening! The restaurant itself is really funky and decorated in a vibrant orange, get the feeling that someone might have been channeling a little bit of Almodóvar with the decor :) The premises used to be a butchers shop and some of the old shop has been retained as part of the new decor like the meat hangers, side bench with meat slicer and the old doors for the cold rooms. As you can probably tell, I really liked this restaurant. Like JD said, its not a question of whether an Argentinian restaurant will be good (most people rarely turn down the chance of a good steak) but more of a case of how good. We had a great service as well and like the owner of Unico remarked, "thank you to the cow indeed"!! 

We also had a good feed at Le Troquet - a neighbourhood restaurant with a rustic feel and some pretty good food. I ordered cauliflower velouté to start and completely forgot the French love of cold soups - it tasted nice but just not that big a fan myself. My main of pan fried hake with a tomato sauce was really delicious and brought memories of a similar dish JD used to order during our holliers in Mexico (pescado a la veracruzana). The dessert of seasonal fruits was nice but nothing to write home about and I deeply regretted not plumping for the vanilla soufflé with black cherries as I found out later that this was one of their signature dishes! Next time :) 

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