Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Au Fil Des Saisons (encore!)

A few "encore" posts this week - a very good friend of mine from NYC was in town with her sis so we got to hang out for a few days which was great and naturally, eat some yummy food!

One of the places I took them was "Au Fil Des Saisions", a bistro that I had previously taken a friend from Uni and we had both thought that the food was pretty good. I'm also drawn to the relative anonymity of the restaurant and the cosiness of the dining room :)
The service is also pretty good, same lady who served us last time and she even engaged in some banter with us despite only me being able to speak French - to be honest, for the 3 meals we had together, all the waiting staff were very enthusiastic about chatting to us......I NEVER get this much attention when dining out in Paris usually!!

As before, the food did not disappoint - despite a lateish night for me (going out on a work night!), I had a brill time and it was one of those times when I realise how lucky I am to have such a wonderful chum and being able to hang out over the last few years despite us living on opposite sides of the pond, see you soon N! :)

Seared scallops served with courgettes

 Duck confit cooked for 7 hours served with some fois gras and spuds

Chocolate fondant trio (speciality of the resto) 

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