Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Stage - Week 7

Week 7 and a change of scenery for me as I am now at the finition shop for the next 3 weeks. On the whole, I can say that its been a pretty good week due to the following reasons:

  1. The chef here (from now on, known as "nice chef") is pretty relaxed and a nice guy to work for. Have not been yelled at by him (yet!); whenever he corrects your mistakes, he usually gives you a legitimate reason as to why it should be done his way. Also, the only person I have met during my stage who will actually compliment your work - on the whole, its not that important but its still nice to hear from time to time :)
  2. People talk (not a lot to stagiaires but the noise is still welcoming) and there are no more "awkward" breakfasts! :)
  3. Even though I didn't do a lot of proper production work this week, I was helping out at "le four" or the oven which was interesting as it was all new to me. The guy that I was helping was very friendly, a little bit of a scatterbrain but we got there in the end with all our work! Makes you realise how much nicer the workplace is when you get on with the people you work with and would also make you question whether to hire someone who might get things done faster and better but is a big, fat sulk.
  4. Last week of the millefeuille "fetish" so got roped into helping with that - messy but good experience :)
Lets hope it continues for the next couple of weeks!!

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