Tuesday, 29 September 2009

L'Ami Jean (encore!)

Woohoo - finished at production lab for 3 weeks now and what better way to celebrate than meeting up with my school chums and going for a nice meal?

My partner in crime was the one doing all the organising this time and since she doesn't have much time left in Paris, we decided to go to L'Ami Jean as she had wanted to try it before she leaves. No complaints from moi as I had already had a good meal there with JD back in the summer. As we were a table of 6, we didn't manage to get a table until 10pm on a Saturday.  A little late but tis the weekend......unfortunately, we didn't get seated until close to 11pm as we had to wait for the 1st seating in the restaurant to vacate. Predictably, the place was jammers - after a peruse of the menu, we had all decided what we were having and all of a sudden, our waiter throws a curveball and says that we can have a 6-course chef's tasting menu for the same price as the carte! Of course, we all decided to go for it but as budding pastry chefs, I think it had more to do with the fact that we would be getting 3 desserts!! Apologies, only pics of 2 desserts, the last one was a melon soup with ginger and hazlenuts.

Food was delish and company was delightful which goes without saying - 2 of our party have now gone home for good - take care Pha and Fen :)

Mushroom soup served in a bowl with small, crunchy croutons 

Slow cooked beef and sardine terrine served with marinated peaches and crispy bacon 

Pork dish including black pudding pork belly and loin. Served with generous sides of girolles and carrots and some mash.

Delish rice pudding (speciality of the resto)

Deconstructed banana split in a glass jar

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