Friday, 16 October 2009

All you need is love :)

After a less than pleasant week at work, I was a very lucky lass and had a weekend filled with love :)

First up, I met up with a friend from school for dinner and good ol' gossip sesh about our respective stages and life in general - as usual, lots of laughs and great to get everything off our chests!! M picked a small little bistro called Les Enfants Perdus (handy for picking up JD afterwards!). The food was OK but the dessert left a lot to be desired - we shared a millefeuille with mango and ginger which was pretty disastrous! Feuilletage was not cooked enough and drizzle of caramel was still grainy......bit too much cream for me but that may have something to do with the fact that I had a lump of marscapone in my starter as well as a main of risotto drowning in cream....anyhoo, love from a good friend more than made up for it! :)

Tower of Babel - smoked salmon, tomato confit, marscapone and avocado. OK but nothing to write home about. 

Casserole of squid and squid ink rissoto - Squid nicely cooked and tender, risotto too creamy, not cooked in squid ink??!

As mentioned, I had a visit from JD (true love) which was fab as usual - cue opportunity to go out and try new places to eat! This time, we headed to Le Hide, a small bistro in the 17th with a Japanese chef cooking French classics. Special mention has to go to the entrecote which I ordered for my main - my jaw nearly hit the floor when my plate arrived covered 80% with steak!! Very delish (and did I mention filling also?) and served with some very tasty tasty that JD even took a few mouthfuls and he hates the stuff!!

Nice glass of Cotes de Beaunes and some bits of saucisson to nibble whilst reading the menu.

Tartine of escargots - tasty but bread was little bit too greasy.

Infamous 350g (aka. 12oz) entrecote served with sel Guerande.

Mont blanc - a little too sweet and vanilla ice cream was not tasty.

At the end of the weekend, I received some family and brotherly love.....well, just to remind me how not young I am ;)

Props to the Beatles......its true sometimes, all you need is love :)

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