Thursday, 1 October 2009

Brief return to Blighty

Since I am currently working Mondays through Fridays and I was given enough advanced warning about my schedule, I finally managed to squeeze in a weekend trip back across to La Manche to see JD. Woohoo, cue spending some quality time (LDR's are a real pain in the bum, no matter the distance) and of course, quality nosh!

Managed to secure a table at Sardo on Friday evening despite only ringing in the afternoon, one of our favourite restaurants in town. Ringing up for a booking was particularly amusing; to be honest,  I didn't think we would get a table....
Moi: Hi, would you have a table for 2 for dinner tonight please? (thinking to self.....prolly not!)
Dude at Sardo: ......depends on what time?

Dude at Sardo: OK, see you later, bye!

Yummy bread basket including Sardinian speciality, pane caresau

Crab linguini (prolly 50% crab!!), soooo good!

Pan fried veal - bit of a wait between starters and mains, when it finally arrived, the owner came with 2 plates, said "Veal, lamb, buon appetito", put them in front of us and off he went!

Food at Sardo is Sardinian, high standards are still being maintained - only bummer is that you have to pay for the bread and olives but its not too bad at £1.50 per person. Ate too much of the bread basket so I didn't manage to get to dessert, next time :(

I finally satisfied my craving for dim sum (been waiting months now!) on Saturday afternoon with JD, bro and Jools. Mmmm......too greedy so no pics here, however, I can recommend Lido on Gerrard Street for OK dim sum :)

Decided to stay local on Saturday night and went to Tosa, a small Japanese restaurant serving up all sorts of goodies. Not cheap and not huge portions but OK if you don't want to trek all the way into town for Japanese :)
Pork belly with mustard and green beans

Tori Kara Age (deep fried chicken) - prefer Jujiya's version but still not bad!

Sushi (eel roll, spicy tuna roll, sea bream nigiri) - assumed that they would give us 2 pieces of nigiri but only 1 turned up!!

Grilled chicken wings

Zaru udon

Chestnut ice cream 

Hopefully, the last time I came back to London and have to go back to Paris after just a weekend :) 

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