Thursday, 1 October 2009

"Days off" eating :)

Only worked Monday and Tuesday of this week before having a couple of days off - the chef had asked if it was possible for me to swap days off with somebody else. Wasn't particularly bothered as long as I could keep my days off for the following weekend.....when he did finally tell me it was Wednesday and Thursday, it then dawned on me that I would have to work 8 days straight before getting my next days off!! Am not looking forward to that at all, the only consolation is that I will get see JD at the end of that stint :)

Went for my favourite bento for lunch yesterday at Jujiya....tori kara age.....turned up early enough at 12:15pm and even then, there was a queue, crazy!!

Met up with a friend from school last night and we went to try Ulla's restaurant (Ulla had written a blog on ESCF long before I had gone to the school, I contacted when I first got here and we have become good friends since) in the 9th called L'Aromatik. Its a small place which is is very nicely decorated serving French bistro food, sometimes with a little twist such as nods to Asian fusion. We got there early and managed to a sneak peak into the kitchens (small, but not minute) and also tasted some of Ulla's dessert creations prior to dinner.
Tuiles sandwiched with smoked salmon, mango and wasabi cream

Roast quail with nuts and dried fruits served on a bed of fennel

Trio of pannacotta (pistachio, pomegranate, mango) 

All in all, a nice dinner - sizeable portions so we were rolling out the door by the end of the night! Merci bien Ulla et bon continuation :)

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Ulla said...

Thank you for posting this and for coming to "my restaurant"; I was very happy to see you there. Thank you also for your improvement suggestions. Added more wasabi today and also mayonnaise to the cream ;)