Friday, 26 November 2010

Weekend eating - Toku

Having finished early-ish at work on Friday evening, I decided to head into town and kick start my Chrimbo shopping. JD and I were then stranded in town around dinnertime - not the best time to be hanging around town on a Friday night without a dinner reservation if you're looking for a semi-decent meal. We took a chance and rocked up to Toku, the adjoining resto to the Japan Centre and managed to grab a table despite the place being pretty rammed.

This was the first time we had come here since they relocated to the present location on Regent Street and to be honest, I think the food might even be a smidgeon better now - a most satisfying dindins :)
 Classic eel roll - yummy and very generous

 Gyoza - nice flavour, esp. dipping sauce despite a little charred on the edges

 Tori kara age - fried chicken.....a bit unsure on the dipping sauce which was a little heavy on wasabi

 JD's spicy Korean don - it now has pork instead of fried chicken, still not bad

Green tea and red bean cake roll - very tasty!

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