Wednesday, 6 April 2011

A dinner of 2 halves - Bocca di Lupo & Toku

I've been meaning to make a trip back to Bocca di Lupo ever since our impromptu lunch there last year - I finally got around to organising booking a spot midweek for dinner and was looking forward to chowing down some nice food :)

Unfortunately, there were no tables available at the back for the time which I had requested so we had to make do with sitting at the bar instead which wasn't so bad. We settled for a small portion of orecchiette with spicy sausage and octopus with peas and basil as our "starters" before splashing out on a tagliata of rib of beef as our main. The orecchiette arrived pretty swiftly and was very tasty. Shortly after finishing this, there was a lot of movement around the open kitchen and a fair bit of jumping up and down to cover smoke alarms. Eventually, we were told that there was a problem in the kitchen which meant that we would not be able to order any more hot food for the night. Our octopus was probably the last dish to be cooked which was OK......we did try to pick other dishes from the menu but nothing took our fancy so we decided to call it a night after our starters. Not exactly the meal that I had hoped for but the manager was very nice and comped our entire meal.

Still feeling peckish, we rounded off our dinner at Toku down the road, me with a bowl of ramen and JD with a katsu don - an interesting dinner to say the least :)

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