Wednesday, 27 April 2011

O'Briens Chop House

Whilst we were down visiting Ma Chan, we also headed westwards out to Lismore to enjoy a spot of lunch at O'Briens Chop House. This eatery has been getting a lot of positive press on both sides of the Irish Sea (the Blighty press can be attributed to the fact that the owner used to work as GM of Babington House, part of the Soho House group and the manager worked previously at Le Caprice in London) so we decided to check it out.

The food was generally good and solid but some of the order's got confused resulting in some steak being overdone and some lamb being underdone (I later overheard that the head chef had left and that they had just offered the position to someone else so prolly some continuity issues at the mo). Its definitely a nice day out - Lismore has a very pretty castle and riverside which is worth exploring after a bit of nice nosh at O'Briens :)
 My starter of ham hock terrine - yum!

 JD's starter of mackerel and horseradish

 Main of hangar steak with bone marrow

A surprisingly good creme brulee

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