Sunday, 29 May 2011

Bank holiday treat - Spuntino

There has been a lot of good press written about Spuntino since its opening so naturally, we have been wanting to try it out.  The one snag is that they are one of the growing numbers of restos in this town who refuse to take reservations so the trick is either go and eat at a "dead" time or be prepared to queue. Since we didn't particularly fancy doing the latter, we decided to go for early dinner on a Sunday of a bank holiday and lo and behold! no need to queue :)

Spuntino is actually located in the heart of Soho and we were quite surprised when we finally found it as its down a street where we would walk down frequently but have never noticed it until now - I guess thats the vibe the owners wanted to achieve. The set-up is bar seating with a shortish menu and most of the dishes have been created to share/nibble (along with no reservations, "tapas" style is also gripping the big smoke, grr!) Overall, the meal wasn't bad but I struggled a little with the "too cool for school" vibe......glad we went to try though!
Knob creek whisky - JD's siblings have been known to chuckle at the name!

Truffled egg on toast - not much to look at but surprisingly tasty!

Shoestring fries - yum! So good I had to order 2 portions!

Squid with chickpeas and rocket - one of my favourite dishes of the night! Simple, fresh and tasty!

Sliders - mini burgers but apparently, the bun should not be so thick, it should be just a wrap to keep all the filling in place?? 

Lettuce and lentils

Steak and eggs

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