Friday, 20 May 2011

Burrito craze hits London town - Daddy Donkey

I had heard a lot about Daddy Donkey through the interweb and press with many claiming that DD's burritos were the best in the whole of London. JD and I had previously tried to hit the (in)famous food truck last winter but were met with a deserted Leather Lane on a Saturday despite a response from DD via Twitter saying that they would be around.....mmmmm?

Fast forward to May 2011 and I decided to try once again on a market day (Friday) this time.  I even made a conscious effort to arrive after the lunchtime rush (1:30pm?) and was still met with a long-ish queue!! I plumped for the Daddy D with steak and extra guacamole - my burrito felt like a brick on presentation and it was a good feed too :)

My only criticism is that I wish that burritos on this side of the Atlantic could be rolled more tightly - my Daddy D collapsed into a messy heap towards the end and had I not used my paper bag as a makeshift napkin, my jeans would've looked like burrito roadkill! :)
Ay, Dios mio!!!! What a queue :(

Cute drinks truck "al lado"

Yum - a good feed! :)

Mayday! Mayday! Burrito down!

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