Saturday, 30 July 2011

Pre-cinema grub - Jamie's Italian

Since we weren't dining at peak dinner time, we decided to chance our luck at Jamie's Italian  for some sustenance. Normally, I wouldn't have bothered given the popularity of the place and the fact they don't take any bookings. However, we did not have to worry cos we didn't realise just how HUMUNGOUS the resto is??? (the last time we visited, we were sat at the front and hadn't noticed that there was an extra dining room out back which was where we sat this time).

Decent food at decent prices with attentive service - can't argue with that, really! :)
 Deep fried calamari

 Burrata - mint and chilli a little uneccesary, the version at our local Canta Napoli is far superior

Panfried monkfish tail in a tomato chilli sauce with clams and new potatoes

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