Saturday, 9 July 2011

Weekend away - Stockholm

With JD starting a new job imminently and me working through a "hectic" period, it looks unlikely that we will be able to have a summer hollier this year so we decided to book a last minute weekend break to Stockholm just to get away from the big smoke. Despite only having a couple of days away, it was still worth it and we were blessed with gorgeous weather to boot. Stockholm is a lovely city with loads of interesting sights to check out, the people are also amazingly helpful, polite and most can't really ask for more as a tourist really!! :)

As we only had a few meals, we didn't get to sample as much as we would've liked.....everything we did try was nice but for the most part, everything in Stockholm is RIDICULOUSLY expensive!! (many thanks to my B-grade gourmand friend for his recoms!!) Make sure you bring lots of sheckles and even if you don't, I would definitely recommend it as a short break!! :)

Stockholm is made up of lots of islands - we spent most of Saturday sightseeing at Djurgården and one of the recommendations in the guidebook was a seafood resto called Lisa på Udden. It was a bit of a trek and unfortunately, when we arrived, no-one had bothered to tell us that the place had BURNT DOWN!! (wished I'd taken a photo of what awaited us now!) Anyhoo, at this point, we were famished and had a spot of lunch at a cafe nearby - 2 fish and chips and 2 drinks for a whopping 40 squid, ouch! Pretty tasty tho! :)

We also didn't realise that most shops in Stockholm close at 4pm on a Saturday so not much retail therapy for us this hollier!! Instead, we did what the locals do and sat down for a spot of "fika" at Cafe Saturnus and shared a humungous cinnamon roll, yummy! :) 
Check the planet above the front door - funky! (the cafe is called "Cafe Saturnus")

One of the recoms from my B-grade gourmande chum was a resto called "Djuret" which specialised in feasts involving a whole beast. Sounded interesting, unfortunately, they were closed for the summer (a common for restos in Stockholm) but they had a summer BBQ resto opened which sounded pretty good called "Svinet" which is where we ended up for dinner. 
Nice, outdoor roof terrace seating

Gazpacho for starters

Assortment of pork cuts - was a little underwhelmed to be honest and most of the meat was a little dry also.....especially the cut supposedly from an Iberico pig (famed for jamon in Spain)

Munich salad - actually, the best part of our meal, how can spuds taste this good??

Our final meal was lunch at the Moderna Museet - no photos of our food (chicken and pasta salad and gravadlax) but here are pics of the canteen and the lovely setting!

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