Thursday, 8 December 2011

Market part 2

After the high that was week 1 at the market, week 2 was slightly muted but still not bad. Since I am still the newbie, I again had to wait for the market manager to arrive before I could set up - space was at a premium this week (not helped by a jeep being parked in a space that could've been used as a pitch but no matter) so I had no choice but to be in a corner towards the back of the market (effectively a non-space), squished in between the bacon people and another stall selling Middle Eastern food. Unfortunately, I didn't get to talk to my neighbours much this week because I was fighting with the wind and trying desperately not to have half my stall blown away!! (stupidly forgot to bring my weights). 

There were a couple of things that I played around with this week in terms of menu. The carrot  cake wasn't too popular so I decided not to make these this week. I opted for an experimental almond praline cake which attracted a fair amount of interest and some people even bought a few slices which was encouraging. The banana bread had not shifted very well last week so I thought that perhaps I could sell some by the slice this week but alas, that idea didn't turn out too great. The highlights this week were the fact that all my lemon drizzle cakes went as whole cakes, yay! I had even managed to spot a few regulars (after 2 weeks!) which was very heartwarming; the man with the buggy who had developed a taste for my macarons, a well-mannered couple who always have a conversation in a foreign language (not one that I recognise!) before proceeding to buy a few cakes from me and lastly, a lovely lady who buys a large bag of stuff and is the only person who pays me by cheque :)

I managed to remember the bits and bobs that I forgot last week including bags (!) and price labels for my cakes so things are continuing to look more polished, yay!! Trade was not as good as the previous week but it's early days and I am encouraged by the feedback from my customers as well commenting on how everything looks so pretty and for those who have tried my cakes, well, the fact that they are coming back for more must mean that I am on the right track!!! 
 Barn Bacon to my right, who were cooking up a storm with their bacon rolls.

View from my stall, week 2 :)

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