Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Paris day trip

Whilst JD was away on a much needed break in the sun, I decided to take a "mini" break myself and head over to Paris for a day :) 

It was really lovely and just what I needed - a proper break from the kitchen, heading to some of my favourite haunts and reliving some happy memories from when I lived there......it really is a great city and great to be back albeit for just a brief moment....
Was surprised to see that they are finally getting rid of the monstrosity that is Les Halles, woohoo!! :)

           On line 4 on the metro, it looked like someone has tagged the seat with the name of Michael Fassbender's latest film, "Shame", non?!

It's been almost 3 years (!!!) since I started my course at Ferrandi and almost that long since I last went back to see chef so popped into say Hello to him and the new class :)
Chef looking busy as usual in amidst all the organised chaos!!

Things have changed a wee bit since I was there - the Anglo students have their own dedicated labs (the former ones used for PH workshops) and there are 2 classes each semester instead of just 1. Chef's current class is predominantly female and mainly hailing from the US (I suddenly felt very smug about our 10 students from 10 different countries class, haha!!). I was lucky enough to chat to a few of the new students and get a feel of how they were getting on. It really is great to see other people following their passion for pastry! :)
Going back to school really brought back some great memories and I was even half hoping to see some of my chums around; sadly not as they are now re-scattered across the globe but thanks to the wonder of WhatsApp, we are reconnected again!!

 A visit to my old workplace - less bittersweet than previous visits :)
Living on the other side the Manche, I really do miss having access pastries of this quality so was a bit overzealous with my purchases!! 

 The latest creation, Mahogany which is a combo of caramel, coconut and mango. On paper, it sounds delish but in practice, it was a little bit sweet and sickly. Not a good idea to use dessicated coconut which can taste a but too like sawdust. Also, the mango was nowhere near ripe or fragrant enough (no Pakistani yummy ones being used here sadly)

.....and finally, a trusted favourite, tarte au vanille - yums!

 Pho Mui - had to drop in for a massive bowl of Pho Special (filled with goodies), still as comforting as it was 3 years ago :)

Trip to Patisserie de Reves to get my viennoisserie fix, "Brioche Feuilletine"!

Paris, tu me manque :(

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