Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Muffin experiments

So this week, I decided to have a bash at making some muffins - very easy and straightforward to make but too often given a bad name by the shoddy stodgy ones that you find around.

I came across a recipe for orange and blueberry muffins which took my fancy so decided to start off with those. My kitchen was immediately filled with the scent of freshly grated orange zest and all was going well. Towards the end of prepping, I was thinking it was a little strange that there was no leavening agent in the recipe. I then realised that I had written the recipe wrong onto a post-it and sadly, my unleavened buns were already in the oven and could not be saved. Result = eggy solid mess :(

After grabbing a few more ingredients from the shop, I was undeterred and had a another go. This time, I wiped the slate clean and plumped for another recipe which was originally  raspberry and rhubarb muffins but I tweaked it slightly and substituted rhubarb for blueberries instead. Success the second time and kitchen was filled with lovely wafts of buttery, sugary, raspberry goodness :)

These raspberry and blueberry muffins are best eaten whilst still warm - they are OK the day after but not optimum.

Buoyed by those yummy bad boys, I returned to my dodgy post-it attempt, made sure I used the right recipe for a fault free batch of orange and blueberry muffins, yay! Strangely enough, they were a little underwhelming and lacked the fragrance of the other batch when they came out of the oven. Even stranger still was that they actually tasted better the day after when the flavour of the orange really came through......the experiments continue....

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