Monday, 30 January 2012

Baked raspberry oat bar

Recently, I've been leafing through my various cookbooks and trawling the net for a good recipe for a oat/granola type bar which would incorporate fresh fruit (spurred on by trying to make smthg healthy for JD to bring to work whilst he's clocking some crazy hours!). I finally settled on trying a baked raspberry oat bar from the book, Baked. Very simple to make and a good way to use up some leftover frozen raspberries. As with all things baked and beautiful(!), the smell of oats, sugar, lemon, raspberry and cinnamon wafting through the flat was lovely!

Its best served slightly warm, after having rested from coming out of the oven so you can experience crunchy oatie goodness with a gooey raspberry centre. Be sure to have a mug of hot tea to hand! They still taste pretty good after a day but the fruit in the bar causes it to become moist - different experience :) 
Not a looker but packs a punch in the flavour department :)

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