Monday, 4 June 2012

Final day of eating in Manchester

This is where we should've had breakfast yesterday!!!!! Katsouri's Deli :)

We also spotted a L'Entrecote de Venise the other day during our wanders around town - this is the same resto that my friend D wanted to try when she was in Paris a few years back because of the legendary "secret" sauce that comes with their steak. Intrigued myself, this was where we had our last meal in town. There is no menu as such; you are offered green salad with walnuts as a starter followed by steak frites. All nice and well cooked but I remain unconvinced about the sauce - from my guess, its a creamy mustard sauce spiked with tarragon to give it the Bearnaise taste. Glad we got to try it in the calm of Manchester rather brave the crowds in London :)
Generous portions - there were 2nds of these :)

Belt-busting peach melba for dessert :) 

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