Saturday, 9 June 2012

Re-visit: Pizza East Portobello

Food is still great, we arrived shortly after 6:30pm on a Saturday so no need to wait for a table, woohoo! Service was poor (aka. London style) and this time, tinged with Italian surliness for good measure:

Me: Can we get the lamb chops.....
Waiter: We have special starter of "x", you want?
Me: No thanks, we'll go with the lamb chops and fritto misto

Looked like there were lots of people (including one front of house wearing an inappropriate length dress and the other wearing a see-thru dress. For the latter, if you are going to do that, at least make sure your bra and pants match!) running around not doing a lot meaning the whole place was in the weeds by 8:30pm!! Pretty piss poor. Didn't bother us since we were almost leaving but I can only imagine how many rich neighbours from nearby Notting Hill getting mightily cheesed off with this?! Ah well.....
Couldn't resist - pork belly and mushroom pizza again for moi :)

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