Sunday, 3 June 2012

The Lime Tree

After booking our trip to Manchester, I contacted a friend from my old job (who's a proud Mancunian) for recs on where to eat in her home town. She suggested The Lime Tree just outside of the city - we had wanted to get a table for Saturday dinner but they were full so bagged a table for Sunday instead. Its a 10-15 minute taxi ride from town to a place called West Didsbury and from the outside, looked liked a very nice neighbourhood resto. Food was pretty solid even though they got our orders muddled, forgot what we ordered completely and then forgot to place our dessert orders too! The poor waiter who forgot our desserts apologised profusely and offered us digestifs on the house which we declined since JD doesn't drink. In the end, they deducted desserts and tea/coffee off our bill which was very generous. We have been more than impressed by the level of service and friendliness we have encountered in Manchester - it should be like this everywhere but having to endure shitty service in London, it comes as a real treat when you do get it. Our evening at the Lime Tree on paper should've been a complete shambles but the staff managed to sort things out in the end and apologised to us for not getting it right. Sometimes, thats all that's needed - someone to acknowledge that they made a mistake and say sorry, not hard, right? (A big thank you to C for the rec!)
Starter of pork belly and black pudding - was also drawn to the scallop dish on the menu but didn't order cos of the Asian "slant". Bizarrely, that was the dish that was brought out to me by mistake which I would've gladly eaten. Having said that, this wasn't bad.

Fillet of turbot with Morecambe shrimp butter and dauphinoise potatoes - very nice, fresh fish

Sticky toffee pudding - it won't win awards on presentation but it tasted good :)

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