Sunday, 14 October 2012

Cheeky vacances à Paris - day 1 lunch, Allard

To celebrate my recent b-day, JD suggested we head off somewhere for a few days. Several destinations were in contention but in the end, we decided to head back to a city that we know and love, Paris :)

A short and sweet trip but luckily, after a slightly soggy start, we were blessed with fantastic weather! Lots of wandering around punctuated with gorging ourselves on scrummy food, a perfect holiday!

Our first stop was Sunday lunch at Allard. Allard was one of the restos we went to during our first trip to Paris together (which was eons ago!) and we've never been back until now! Its very much a traditional French bistro cooking solid food; its not the best even in this category but for a sentimental meal, it was very enjoyable with occasional flashes of brilliance. Service, needless to say, was faultless :)
 Half a dozen snails for starter - yummy and garlicky!!

 Simple but delicious main of roast leg of lamb (gigot d'agneau) served with flageolet beans :)

JD's main of veal chop with roast spuds and wild 'shrooms - the best sauce he has ever tasted!!

Pudding not so impressive - tarte Tatin. Tasted good but not really any caramelisation and not warm either :(

JD's Paris-Brest - doesn't look like it but there is in fact a hole in the middle of the choux. Looks like one over-inflated tyre, no??!! :)

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