Friday, 26 October 2012

Union Square

I was in a bit of a mad rush trying to get everything baked and ready for my farmer's market stall this week since we only got back from Paris midweek so we decided to head out for dinner on Friday night for some "calm after the storm" :)

We had heard good things about a local eatery called "Union Square" from one of JD's friends who also lives in the area so decided to try it out for ourselves. We did make a reservation but didn't need to as the resto was pretty quiet, am guessing the reason was because it was the start of a bank holiday weekend.....

The resto is pretty casual, quirky but comfortable. JD commented that the space looked like someone's old garage but despite this, it was decorated sympathetically. Food was pretty good and very reasonably priced, 2 courses for the princely sum of 25 yoyos! Service was friendly and for the most part, pretty attentive.

I've also read that brunch is pretty good here too so will definitely be back to try that at some point :)
Starter of squid salad - tasty but squid was a little rubbery. Salad greens were nicely dressed :)

Burger with roasted new potatoes and beetroot horseradish puree. Not a bad burger but lacked the juice and slight greasiness that made the burgers from "Le Camion Qui Fume" soooooo good!! Would've preferred to have a proper pickle rather than cornichons, on the plus side, the spuds were yummy!

 Dessert of tea and cake :)

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