Sunday, 14 October 2012

Paris patisseries - new(ish) kids on the block

With the help of the Internet and my friend Won, I managed to come up to speed with what's going on in the world of pastry in Paris en ce moment :) 

After our lunch, we wandered around the St Germain area for a bit; JD had actually spotted this patisserie before lunch and suggested that we go back and take a better look afterwards. As it happens, it was also one of the places that Won had highlighted as being VERY GOOD for kouign-amann so of course, we had to pay a visit and buy some goodies!!

Georges Larnicol is an MOF-patissier, originally from Brittany who opened his first shop in Quimper. Luckily for Parisians, there is no need to make the trip up North for goodies such as salt caramels and kouign amann's now that Monsieur Larnicol has set up shop in the capital!

The shop itself is lovely with all sorts of sweet goodies everywhere to tempt you - what makes it truly magical are all the imaginative and impeccably crafted chocolate sculptures that have been made especially for Hallowe'en. If I still lived in this city, I would've definitely treated myself to one of this yummy ghouls!! 

Another addition to the Paris pastry scene is Hugo et Victor - the shop is less traditional looking than Georges Larnicol, channelling a chic boutique-look instead similar to PH at rue Bonaparte. I'm guessing that it's a big hit with tourists (Asian and female most probably) hence the big sign on its window saying "No Photos"! Sadly, only a pic from the outside for this shop plus some of the macarons we bought (also tried some guimauve too). Whilst the flavour of the macarons certainly sounded inventive, they did not quite deliver on the taste front. Was not a fan of the texture of the guimauve either, tasted like grainy blocks of solid icing sugar :( 

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