Saturday, 8 December 2012


I had a sudden craving for Korean food which is what made us venture north of the river one Saturday for some grub :)

Originally, we thought about going back to Arisu but decided to try Kimchi, on the recommendation of my Korean teacher. Kimchi is authentic insofar as all the staff working there seem to be Korean. However, we weren't exactly bowled over by the food; portions were good but in the end, every dish we ordered seemed to taste the same :(
( I think we will probably be sticking to Arisu the next time I have another craving!)
My first ever taste of plum wine - OK but I won't be rushing to try it again.

Bibimbap - not bad. A shame we can't get the raw beef version here in the Emerald Isle :(

Our spread - we had ordered so much that we needed to use the table next to us for extra space!! :)

Bossam - the bossam kimchi was nice but the meat did not taste like bossam we have had back in the UK

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