Saturday, 22 December 2012


Shanahans has always been on the list of restos that we have wanted to try but haven't managed to until now. I suppose one of the other things that was off-putting was that their prices meant that you would only go there for a special occasion. Well, we finally did managed to eat there (to mark a special occasion!) and it really was a lovely evening. Service was impeccable, the portions were gargatuan and we were very well looked after. Highly recommended but a word of warning, do not eat 24 hours prior in preparation!! :)
(Apologies for the quality of pics as I only had my phone camera to hand!)
Very elegant dining room with generous sized tables and comfy red armchairs :)

Every table is presented with their own loaf (!) of freshly baked, warm cheese bread and chilli cornbread. Both tasted delicious but we were warned not to eat too much or we would not enough room for our steaks! 

My starter of crab sandwich - 2 potato rostis sandwiching chunks of meaty crab, yum! :)

JD's starter of mussels - literally a mountain of molluscs cooked directly on a skillet which helped to retain their juices, very very nice!

My 24oz bone-in ribeye!! (which I struggled to finish, got to maybe 80%?)

JD's 18oz sirloin (cooked medium rare)

....with sides of French fries, onion strings and wild mushrooms. If I were to re-order, i think I would've skipped the 'shrooms :) 
I was struggling with dessert (selection of ice creams and sorbets)!

A final lovely touch (along with glasses of bubbly!!) :)

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