Saturday, 19 January 2013


JD needed to get a haircut which was the reason for our visit to Ranelagh today. I came across Cinnamon from an online review and my curiosity was piqued after reading that:

1 - there was an attractive display of cakes at the front of the shop
2 - Leinster rugby players often head there for a post-match coffee :)

We popped into for a late lunch (around 3pm) and the resto was still full of diners. Cinnamon is a spacious, casual eatery (they serve breakfast/brunch all day at weekends) serving the hipper/hipster Dublin crowd. Food on the whole was good (cake selection was sadly nothing to write home about) and service was spot-on too. If only they could focus on the less obvious (but equally important) things of running a resto (such as not leaving a cupboard open so that everyone can see your boiler and cleaning products, checking and cleaning toilets regularly, unpacking retail stock before putting it out on shelves), then it would be pretty terrific. 
Popular weekend hangout :)

Breakfast salad - generous feed of bacon bits, roasted baby potatoes, black pudding, poached egg and mixed salad leaves. Hard to beat gooey egg with fried spuds and meat....and you can pretend you are being healthy since technically, its a salad. Highly recommended! ;)

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