Thursday, 14 January 2010

January weekend eating

The snow finally arrived here in the big smoke which put a stop to us venturing too far for grub during the weekend.  We therefore decided to stay local and eat in our closest Thai place, the Old Pack Horse. Its actually a restaurant inside a pub and there are a lot of these around town, one of the most famous being the Churchill Arms in Notting Hill. Our other favourite Thai kitchen is the Old Parrs Head in Brook Green , which was first introduced to me   over 10 years ago by a Uni friend!! The Old Pack Horse has a proper restaurant area and on our most recent visit, also does desserts as well - a treat!

Stuffed chicken wings

Pretty tasty sweet and sour chilli fish

Duck in red curry sauce - very tasty but wish the duck slices could've been a bit chunkier

Not very authentic but oh-so-good!! Banana fritters with ice cream :)

We ventured a little further on Sunday and took what is probably the most convoluted bus route to Camden to check out a Portuguese place called Ferreira delicatessen that JD had read about and heard that the pasteis were pretty amazing there. We were expecting to find a cafe where we could grab a light lunch and sit down with pasteis and coffee. What we found instead, was a corner deli/convenience store in the heart of Camden which happened to also see Portuguese pastries. Unfortunately, there was nowhere to sit so after making our purchases, we headed into the warmth of the Tube and sampled our goodies whilst on the way home. Very nice pasteis de nata and bolo de arroz (sorry, no photo) but am going to have to think twice about going back as its a bit of trek :)

The final foodie event of the weekend was me attempting to re-create one of JD's favourite dishes from Leon, Morrocan meatballs. This was the first time I had cooked anything from this particular cookbook and it turned out pretty good - no harissa in the cupboard so had to substitute with dried chilli you can imagine, the dish got a real kick compared with the original :)

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