Saturday, 18 September 2010

Lupita - avoid at all costs!

After reading a positive review about new Mexican joint, Lupita in Time Out, JD and I decided to head there for dinner after a night out at the flicks ("Inception" at the IMAX, highly recommended). I had booked a table earlier in the week but upon arrival, it wasn't ready so we  sat at the bar briefly. That was OK as we managed to bag a table in the end but things were already to look dubious when we were told that all "Mexican" drinks (ie. agua de jamaica, horchata, tamarind juice) were not available.

We finally placed our food order of guacamole, torta de pastor, steak burrito and chorizo quesadilla. The guacamole pretty swiftly and followed by the torta. The burrito came as I was half way through eating the torta and the quesadilla was nowhere in sight after we had finished  all our food. When a waitress came to collect our plates, she asked if we wanted anything else to which I replied that we were still waiting for our quesadilla. She then informed us that it was sold out......which would've been fine had she told when we placed our order. I then questioned why she didn't bother telling us earlier and was told that the chorizo had ran out when they were making the order of a large table directly before us...... had they not decided to clear out plates, we wouldn't have even known cos no-one bothered their ass to tell us. We had to ask for the bill twice at which point there was a lame apology for the quesadilla - not good enough when they had the cheek to slap on 12.5% service charge. Bad service, bad food.......not worth trying......they should be embarassed by the fact that Chipotle Grill has better Mexican food than them! 
  Guacamole with chips - overpowered by too much onion

Torta with pork pastor - pretty bland and nothing like tortas in DF!

They had the audacity to call this a burrito?? It was advertised as having rice inside......we found a mere couple of grains......unbelievable! 

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