Friday, 10 September 2010

Salt Yard

JD and I met up with one of his old colleagues (who's recently started a fab job in Canary Wharf!) for a spot of dinner at Salt Yard, a tapas restaurant on Goodge Street. We managed to book a table for Thursday night and on arrival, the place was already heaving despite it only being 7pm?? 

Its a lovely resto with a small bar area, tables on both the ground  and basement floors (I would try and get a table in the basement the next time!) with a buzzy atmosphere. The food was also pretty good as well but just a bit peeved that portions were not exactly generous. The tapas are more exciting here than Barrafina and definitely worth making the trip here, at least you can book a table in advance! Puddings were OK but I definitely picked the worst one out of the trio we ordered, buttermilk pannacotta.......silly of me to think that I wouldn't be served something that wasn't sour!! (JD insists that I was being a drama queen on the sourness, believe me, it was sour!)
Love the logo - tres cute!

Charcuterie platter - all very tasty, especially the jamon nestling at the back of the pic!

Boquerones - one of JD's favs but failed to hit the mark this time

Grilled bread with olive oil - deceptively simple but oh so good

Squid with ham and broad beans - yum!

Special of lobster with some sort of pulse (barley, spelt?), quails eggs and wild mushrooms - a lot going on but not bad

Ham croquettes - another JD fav and again, he was disappointed :(

One of my favourite dishes of the night - cod with shrimps and fried greens, could've eaten a whole plate of this......ON MY OWN never mind having to share a "morsel"amongst 3 peeps!!!

A recom from my boss - pork belly with white beans......not great sadly!

Patatas bravas - was not a fan of the brava sauce but the aioli was tasty

My other fav dish of the night - skirt steak with purple artichokes

JD's pud - cold chocolate fondant with honeycomb and black cherries. Honeycomb was the highlight for me, JD liked the whole thing!

Ms Shah's lemon and cinnamon doughnuts with cocoa nib ice cream - lovely.......the ice cream was spoilt a little by the bitter nibs :(

The dreaded "sour" pannacotta with "madalines" (spelt as per menu, char!)

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