Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Simple Thai green curry

I was taught this recipe by my bro many years ago - his version at the time was a tad spicey but  thats dependent on how much green curry paste you decide to use. It is probably not the most  authentic way of making a Thai curry but it's a favourite of mine - quick, straightforward and hugely satisfying, bon app! :)
Preparation is key - make sure you have everything ready and to hand

Heat some oil in a wok

Add green curry paste to taste - am using 1.5 tablespoons which gives a mild kick. Heat gently to release the spices.

Add 1 can of coconut milk and simmer gently

Take empty can, add 1 teaspoon of chicken powder and fill with hot water - chicken stock in seconds!! Add to wok

Add your veg type by type. I am using baby corn, aubergine, courgette and straw mushrooms. I have added into the curry in order of cooking time. Any veg combo will do - experiment and see what's your fav

Add chicken (or any other meat you fancy) - this is cut into pieces slightly larger than you need for a stirfry and marinated quickly beforehand with salt, sugar, soy sauce and oil

Leave to simmer gently and for everything to absorb some flavour

 For finishing touches, season with some fish sauce and a squeeze of lime (apologies, not possible for me to squeeze and take a pic at the same time) - I would like to garnish with chopped coriander as well but JD is not a fan so I leave it out

Served with steamed rice - apologies again this time for a crappy pic, was so hungry after making the curry that I forgot about that final photo, oh wellos!

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